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India’s Amazon for books –

One more start up – This is an India (Bangalore) based online book store start up.

While I am yet to a buy a book online, the book catalogue is very comprehensive and most importantly functional – most titles I searched for are available.

The website is very organized.  Unlike Amazon, it is difficult to get lost here and no other distractions – only books :-). Navigability can be improved – for example there is no “cancel” button on account settings page. It’s not possible to return to main page in case you don’t want to save your changes.

Am sure this will be a successful website to reckon as internet adoption increases in India. While the idea of online book store is as old as .com biz itself, this start up differentiates itself due to the geography (India) it operates. I would love to see books of regional languages also to be available on the website – this makes it easy for people like me who wait to go on my annual vacation to my native place to buy books :-). Huge business potential !!

Btw, per the website itself, the founder & CEO Mr. Anand Rao, is a founding member of Amazon India as well.

Video Maps for Driving Directions –

I came across this very innovative website – – that provides driving directions & locates businesses in Bangalore. While providing online driving directions is a very old idea, this website takes this seemingly simple idea to a whole new level by providing entire video of the road from source to destination – along with audio & annotations on all landmarks/businesses on the way. The website calls this as “Video Maps” technology. While all the roads are yet to be mapped – this seems way too cool. 

Add this for a topping – you can sms the source and destination to a given number and the directions will be smsed back to you!

Go through the “tips” section of the website to know various other features.

I really loved this site and look forward to a full fledged launch of this (right now it is in Alpha stage and the website design could be improved).

Kudos to the founders (Chandra, Ravi and Muralidhara!) for this innovation and wish them all the success!

Portal for offbeat places – is a webportal for searching/booking accommodation at off beat places – like homestays, guesthouses, resorts etc anywhere in India. The portal has very good number of listings and has detailed reviews of all the listings. The highlight of this portal is probably the video clippings of the home stays/resorts/guest houses etc. Very innovative and very useful.

I first saw a print advertisement of portal on Corner House in Koramangala. I was mighty impressed by the poster. I visited the portal as soon as I came back home. Alas, the website was down. I tried multiple times the next day and every time it was down.  A very bad thing to happen for some one who is spending money in advertising thier website. May be the money should first be invested in proper web hosting provider.

Any way, after repeated attempts one fine day, I was able to access the website. It looked sleek. But felt that the landing page seems too simple.  There is no link for even registering one self. There is only a “sign in” link and it does not even tell how to register. Looks like the registration is possible only at the time of payment (not sure as I did not attempt any payment).

Overall, a very useful portal, except that the landing page can have more content and site map can be made slightly better from usability perspective.

I read at that, Ashish Mehra and Rekha Goyal, folks who started this are able to sustain themselves with this!

I am really happy to learn that and it only gives me inspiration to start doing something I am more passionate about, than spend entire life in a full time job.


Not really sure how works, but trying to see if it really does what it claims , which is increasing the hits to this web site 🙂

Porn industry seeks federal bailout

It just cant get better than this – read this satire – and the entertaining comments – I love the comments more than the blog itself.

Happy New Year!

Happy 2009 for all readers!

Hope that 2009 ends all the gloom of 2008 and that the world will be a safer place to live.

This blog has hit 700 viewers in this month of December. And the viewer count has been steadily increasing for past 4-5 months. Compared to last year, the viewer count has increased by almost 525%!

Hope to blog on more thoughts in progress next year and make this blog more interesting!