Final Post!

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Porn industry seeks federal bailout

It just cant get better than this – read this satire – and the entertaining comments – I love the comments more than the blog itself.

Happy New Year!

Happy 2009 for all readers!

Hope that 2009 ends all the gloom of 2008 and that the world will be a safer place to live.

This blog has hit 700 viewers in this month of December. And the viewer count has been steadily increasing for past 4-5 months. Compared to last year, the viewer count has increased by almost 525%!

Hope to blog on more thoughts in progress next year and make this blog more interesting!

Wah South Africa!

Kudos to SA cricket team for beating Australia 2-0. Truly marks the completion of downfall of Australia. India started it and SA completed it.

Where’s the accountability?

Do our state and central governments work at all?

More than 182 people died in just bomb blasts in india in 2008 alone ( Citizens continue to die due to naxal attacks, due to law & order issues like Singur & Mumbaikers vs North Indians. More people continue to die due to total failure of adminstration in situations like Bihar & Orissa floods. All in just past 11 months.

If only the govts are working, will we really have any of the above situations at the scale they happened?

Instead of accepting total failure of his govt, we have our educated and elite PM blaming other countries for the current crisis. What’s the point in having a elected government when it fails to do basic tasks that are expected. Are we as citizens totally immune to all the mayhem thats happening around us? Don’t we citizens have any responsibility towards all these? Can we not do anything to change this?

Like this excellent introspective article in Asian Age states,, the foundation  of constitution is shaken and has failed.

Google Ads

Picked this url in twitter – 

Classic example of why computers still require humans to operate them.


This is nerve chilling. More than 30 hours and still the crisis is not resolved. only shows how well prepared the terrorists were and absolute lack of preparedness by security forces. its almost impossible to imagine the trauma of hostages and the people who are locked in thier rooms. Dont understand why it is taking so much time for people locked in rooms to get out. it is quiet for a while in the hotel and yet there is no sign of attempts of getting people locked to get out. hope all folks get out safely and hope this sort of things do not repeat..

Its high time the govt gets its act together in countering this and make the country safe place to live.