Video Maps for Driving Directions –

I came across this very innovative website – – that provides driving directions & locates businesses in Bangalore. While providing online driving directions is a very old idea, this website takes this seemingly simple idea to a whole new level by providing entire video of the road from source to destination – along with audio & annotations on all landmarks/businesses on the way. The website calls this as “Video Maps” technology. While all the roads are yet to be mapped – this seems way too cool. 

Add this for a topping – you can sms the source and destination to a given number and the directions will be smsed back to you!

Go through the “tips” section of the website to know various other features.

I really loved this site and look forward to a full fledged launch of this (right now it is in Alpha stage and the website design could be improved).

Kudos to the founders (Chandra, Ravi and Muralidhara!) for this innovation and wish them all the success!