India’s Amazon for books –

One more start up – This is an India (Bangalore) based online book store start up.

While I am yet to a buy a book online, the book catalogue is very comprehensive and most importantly functional – most titles I searched for are available.

The website is very organized.  Unlike Amazon, it is difficult to get lost here and no other distractions – only books :-). Navigability can be improved – for example there is no “cancel” button on account settings page. It’s not possible to return to main page in case you don’t want to save your changes.

Am sure this will be a successful website to reckon as internet adoption increases in India. While the idea of online book store is as old as .com biz itself, this start up differentiates itself due to the geography (India) it operates. I would love to see books of regional languages also to be available on the website – this makes it easy for people like me who wait to go on my annual vacation to my native place to buy books :-). Huge business potential !!

Btw, per the website itself, the founder & CEO Mr. Anand Rao, is a founding member of Amazon India as well.